Corporate Woman



Bek and I were “pulled” by a supernatural force that was trying to get us to the Aether but we got stuck in between. Possibly due to a complication caused by our “suits”? Might be worth looking in to though not really sure how to safely go about that… Maybe I would understand better if I had ever been a mage. …I’m only half kidding with that comment, sorry.

We have zero access to our supernatural selves right now at any rate. We are completely reliant on our new friend Yaksha. I imagine you’ve heard of her as she’s met the Prince before and survived, I have a strong suspicion as to what she is myself… She has been kind enough to deliver a few letters, as well as our possessions, to HQ for us. It seems that even though she’s an expert at opening doors she can’t take as backward only propel us forward, possibly right in to a trap to whoever or whatever wanted us in the Aether in the first place.

We all spoke to someone, a renegade creature from the Aether, who resides in Yaksha’s library. According to him something terrible must have happened there as he has lost his connection to it. Also, Yaksha captured a Shade in the Between and it seems to have been “pulled” there from the Aether around the same time we got “pulled” from this world. Too coincidental not to be connected.

Yaksha seems to be full of confidence that we can survive what ever is waiting for us on the other side and find our way back. I’m not sure where she’s getting her intel from, but if our other selves penchant for getting themselves killed is anything to go by… well, If we don’t make it back, I’m sorry we didn’t ever make it to that baseball game. Apologies for fucking it up.



God. I wish I didn’t see the need to write this, but I’m not feeling optimistic about my chances of making it back to you. Bek and I have really gotten ourselves in a fuck of a situation. Got sucked in to another dimension or something… not anything we could have really planned for, so nobody’s fault, but no going back now.

Don’t think this letter means that I’ve completely given up though. I promise I will fight tooth and nail to get back to you, I think I owe us both that much. Also, our new friend who delivered this letter seems to think we can make it. But… just in case the worst does happen, I want to make sure that you know how much you mean to me. How much you have always meant to me. You have been, and always will be, home. Whenever family is mentioned the first person I think of is always you. I love you. No matter what happens, no matter who we have been, or who we become that will never change.

I would not have survived what happened all of those years ago, or had the strength to leave, without you there supporting me. My one biggest regret is that I didn’t fight harder to convince you to leave with me. Even though it has always been my intention to protect you and keep you safe it has only ever gone the other way around. Honestly, after all of the shit situations I’ve gotten you in to I don’t know why you still put up with me. (Are you secretly a masochist or have you just got a hero complex? It makes a girl worry.) But in all seriousness, be happy, Ben. No matter what. That is my selfish wish for you.




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