Corporate Woman

Journal 18

Felt a little guilty, meeting with Ben while Beks did the Herald thing with Gabe and welcomed our assassins into the city, but I’ve sidelined Ben far too often after dragging him into this mess. Thought I owed him an apology for that, apparently not though… he was way too fucking chill. I don’t know what I expected, Ben has always been overly tolerant of my whims, but I thought he’d be at least a little pissed or worried or disappointed or something. I fucking would have been. It’s not like I make it a habit of standing him up without so much as a phone call. Shit. I understand that he has got a lot on his plate too, adjusting to not only the vamp thing but also the constant scary companion thing, in addition to assisting Braden with all of the pies he’s got his damn fingers in. I feel like a bitch wanting to demand even more from him, shit.

At least I can stop feeling so guilty about the attack n Billy’s funeral. If Dupont was telling the truth then that was down to my father, his ambitions for the family causing him to piss off everyone apparently, including the Boston kindred. He claims he was after Ben in the first place and knew nothing about Bek and I. It really doesn’t add up though. If the target was Ben, or even all the higher ups in the family, it seems completely unnecessary to hire the “vampire boogieman” to go after mere humans. Seems like fucking overkill. Expensive overkill. There has got to be something else behind it. Make’s me wonder, not for the first time, when my father was changed and what Nos was the kind of crazy to think that it was a good idea?

These are questions that I’ll have to ask him when we pull him out of torpor. Shit. I really don’t know what to do with him. He’s just too damn dangerous to let loose… for the time being he will hold in the Coliseum while we deal with more imminent concerns.

It seems that the “Purity” group that has been attacking us is a farce, whoever is really behind it is hoping to destroy us by bringing us into conflict with the real Purity which, according to Edward and William, is one of the most powerful kindred groups in the world. Their idea that Purity is peaceful and more interested in knowledge has been contradicted by Dupont. Speaking of which I was surprised that Prince of New York was willing to potentially make an enemy of Dupont on our behalf. We’ll have to be sure and return the favor and let him know that he was correct in thinking that Dupont wouldn’t have attacked us had he known we were Detroit’s heralds.

We should also be sure to apprise our Sheriff of this information. We also need to see how Takashi feels about fulfilling the NY Prince’s request for him to have a “chat” with Edward.

In the meantime, we’ve got to go to Flint tomorrow evening, the court is convening. Not only is their Prince “missing”, but every single Primogen as well… good to know the Prince is thorough when he wants something…



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