Corporate Woman

Journal 17

I’m fucking tired just thinking about how long our to do list is. We have got to get better at delegating to our packmates, Sherriff, Watch, Masters of Elysium, everyone. We have not been very good at trusting tasks to anyone but ourselves. …I’m guilty of this more than anyone.

At least the Prince of Flint has been taken care of, we were able to save five of the kids she was entertaining herself with. Well… they are alive anyway though they are going to require a lifetime of therapy if not institutionalization. That bitch. She needed eliminating, but it won’t be good if we make a habit of restructuring cities willy-nilly, we have enough god damned enemies as it is.

Can’t forget to go back in three days and announce that we’re claiming the city in it’s prince’s absence, before that we need to find someone to serve as Seneschal on the Prince’s behalf.

To do:

  • Convert the Assassin cell
  • Goblin Market (fulfill some previous deals, make some new ones)
  • Meet with the Winter Court w/ Atticus
  • In 3 days, make appearance in Flint to claim it (choose Seneschal)
  • In 1 week, Club opening (before that, touch base with changeling performer, Trenton)
  • In 2 weeks, Coliseum/City Grand Opening (need to send out official invites to other courts immediately, Gabe acquiring human security)
  • Deal with prisoners in Coliseum basement
  • Get message to the Ancient, Vovan. Apologize for our Prince trying to eat him… promise that he won’t try to do it again. Fucking awkward.
  • Touch base with Conor, how dd it go with local mages? Will they participate w/ city? Or at least leave us to our devices? Any viable options for Council?
  • Find and deal with Dupont, dear ol’ dad, and possibly Purity (must find a way to contend with their “viral” blood)

On a personal note, I would like to find some time in there to actually spend time with Ben. Lately it seems like all we’ve been doing is throwing ourselves in front of bullets for each other, both literally and figuratively, and that has got to stop if this… whatever we are doing is going to work. No matter what he’s my family and I value him too highly to allow him to sacrifice himself any more than he already has, damn it.



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