Corporate Woman

Journal 14

Fuck. It can’t ever just be one problem that we’re dealing with, but a hundred. Makes me long for the good ol’ days when all I had to worry about was dear old dad and mundane crime… that shit was easy to figure out. It’s too damn late to turn back now though, even if I wanted to I couldn’t in good conscience. I am fucking committed now and the damn thing is I actually give a fuck about the well-being of our people, mine and Bek’s. That includes our city in general and our pack in particular. They are ours. I don’t know if it’s a side effect of the wolf suit, but I have felt god damned territorial , and protective, since this all started. Even Jean, in spite of what we overheard.

It is obvious that he has betrayed us, he was acting like a completely different person making me wonder who the “real” Jean is, but all the same he did withhold some information from whoever the fuck he was speaking with. I want to know why. We’ve got to get to the bottom of this. I refuse to emulate my father in this respect, it might be the more dangerous decision but I will not make any determinations about Jean with out first hearing him out. I do worry that if he does go all out against us when we confront him that we will be all but helpless.

It seems like Jean had to carve off his Banisher tattoo to make contact, I wonder what the significance of that is. Also, this entire mess makes his concern about Camden, and letting the entire pack know what he is, seems damned hypocritical.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, that shit face Dupont is out right taunting us. Taunting me. If he’s not the ‘mutual acquaintance’ known as Black Cloak who connected my father with the Purity members then he is certainly making it look as though he is. So far as I know there were not many people who knew the location of that dead drop and he flashed his fangs on camera just for us. Threatening my father. I feel so fucking special.

Had a nice long chat with Conor, after playing a bit with the nieces, it was… illuminating. Among other things we learned, Conor thinks that Purity and a vamp cult called Seven might be one and the same. If that is the case then that is a big fucking problem, they essential turn the vamps that they “convert” to their cause into sleeper agents controlling them through their blood, the vamps might not even know, operating purely on instinct. The really good news is that even if Purity and Seven aren’t one and the same Seven still becomes a huge problem for our city in the future. …In at least one of our possible futures. God.



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