Corporate Woman

Journal 13

‘What a fucking nightmare. My father was dangerous enough before he was a vampire, but now?! The "Saint was more than half crazy when he was still human, who the hell thought it would be a good idea to fucking turn him into a vampire?! Fuck. I didn’t want him dead, I wanted him locked away in prison where he could stop fucking up people’s lives, but now… I don’t know. He got Ben killed. No. That’s a lie. I got Ben killed, why couldn’t I keep my damn trap shut. Ben is fine now, at least Noah assures me that he will be, I can’t thank Connor enough for bringing him back (wish I could know how he did that though, time magic?).

It is obvious that the Saint didn’t want me dead, he was damn upset when his hired help stopped following orders and tried to kill me, I can’t credit him with similar plans for anyone else though. It wouldn’t be like him to not take revenge in some way, after all. That is one thing about him that I’m sure hasn’t changed. I wonder why he didn’t bring anyone else in the Family in to the fold… he has always been so obsessed with making his “Family” stronger I’d be surprised if he abandoned it completely. Or maybe his priorities and obsessions changed completely when he did. Fuck me. That would be a damn surprise. Though I highly doubt that’s the case.

Beks and I cleared the air with Noah. Thank god. I actually like that guy and it didn’t feel right having killed him. I was also not at all fond of the idea that he had intended for us to off his clone as part of a spell component, I was relieved to hear that wasn’t part of the plan. Still, for a guy with as much experience as Noah’s got I’m surprised he didn’t take more precautions to accommodate our possible lack of control in the vamp suit. He definitely credited us with more control the when exhibited. Was he blinded by his pride in this project? Is he too old to remember what it’s like to be young and new to something? Or is it simply because he has never experienced that kind of hunger?



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