Corporate Woman

Journal 11

Was finally able to find time to catch up with Ben and it was… unsatisfactory. I’m glad that he shared the information with me that he did, but I feel like we didn’t really get time to address it to move to any other topic before Hale swooped in and stole me away for a mission. Work, work, work.

We met the others back at HQ and immediately took off on some fancy schmancy jet-pseudo-spaceship literally in to the stratosphere. We weren’t briefed on the mission until we were out of the atmo, but we had a full house with our entire team, the entirety of team Maelstrom, and apparently Connor is leading a new team of Assassin’s, Team Havoc. Turns out we more than needed all of us for this mission. As it is we nearly fucking lost both Atticus and Jean this time round. The rest of the group weren’t unscathed, Gabe was possessed, Trystan was badly injured, everybody received some kind of hurt. I feel fucking impotent when anything like that happens. I feel so protective of every person on our team and yet I’m the least equipped to help in that situation. I’m a doctor for fuck’s sake, but I’m useless when it comes to patching these supes up. Fuck. Thank the fucking lord for Lydia and Jean,we all would have been goners with out them. (An ironic statement since i was ultimately the god-machine that was responsible for the whole damn mess. Fucking pricks, angels.)

That all sorted, we had a ton of catch up to do with the entire business of running a city. Speaking of which Beks and I need to have a conversation about communication as there were apparently a variety of things I should have known but had no clue of. Everything from an escaped prisoner to the fact that the Prince is off running an errand or some shit.

When we got to the Bedlam building Trystan sniffed out that we had a visitor politely awaiting an audience in our conference room. Though it seems he’s really there because he’s got some interest in the Prince, we have agreed to allow the Ancient (he calls himself) Vovan wait in the city for the Prince to return and “grant him an audience”. In reality I’m, 1. pretty fucking sure we don’t have the power to deny his request as he is a god damned fucking dragon, no shit; and 2. the Prince is going to seek him out as soon as he gets back to the city with out us needing to tell him anything. That creature has zeroed in on every other big power that has come to Detroit with no problem.

Met a new ventrue refugee from Chi-town, David. Beks grilled him while I was having a conversation with Lydia and learned enough about him that we felt relatively secure making him the manager / Master of Elysium of our club. We also entered into what I believe will be mutually beneficial business arrangements, financially for us, politically for him, and it’d be nice if we can all be friendly from here on out considering how entwined we just made our futures. The vamps in our city have all been surprisingly… nice. Not sure what it says about me that I find myself liking the monsters more and more and the angels less and less.

According to Vovan, Beks and I are stuck in a “chaotic state” (no shit) as our bonds with our geists are incomplete. That’s not super fucking surprising considering the… nontraditional means in which we became bound with them, but it would be worth pursuing a more secure bond. Don’t have time for that though, as we’ve just been summoned by Noah to don our next suit…



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