Corporate Woman

Journal 10

Really getting fucking tired of people randomly attacking us, especially when it gets people I care about involved. Not that I expect that’s going to change anytime soon… we knew we were going to be ruffling feathers with our city project, but shit. This time it was an asshole with a rocket launcher who blasted a hole in our Bedlam building in order to get at us, he lit Ben on fire in the process. Ben lost his shit and Beks had a fucking brilliant idea to bring him out of it, he did tear a chunk out of my shoulder in the process which hurt like a son of a bitch, but Sofia patched me right up. Did not know she could do that, fucking useful as shit though.

I digress, when we had bazooka boy just about taken care of some (I’m assuming) friends of his decided to make an appearance. Quite fortuitously, Atticus also came rolling in at that time (like a god damned knight in shining armor) to save the day, mind-jobbing bazooka’s buddies in to a state of compliance. Seems the Watch had some difficulties of their own, no losses on our side though, so that’s good. While all of this was going on the Prince and our Sheriff were tied up with the “Hedge Master” a true fae who, we’re assuming came in search of her escapee, Rose. That bitch showing up at the same time as all of the damn vamps that attacked seems far too coincidental. There’s definitely something shady about that, I wonder if there’s any connection between these attacks and our “friend” Mr. “Fuck You” Bellafont, the mastermind with possible other supe connections.

Anyway, it is apparently nigh-impossible to really kill a true fae, even for the Prince, so he invited himself over to Atticus’ place in the Hedge, Baba Yaga’s Castle. Guess the castle has a handy place to store the fae as well as an “all-you-can-eat” vamp buffet. IE: a fountain of blood from which to drink (so long as you don’t get fucking addicted).

Atticus is now officially a part of the pack, it would have been difficult to refuse him after all the help he offered, still it was important for the entire pack to agree in spite of some reservations…

Now, I’ve got to get cleaned up to have dinner with Ben. Knowing him it’s going to be somewhere hell a fancy… Shit. I’ll have to wear a dress. Looking forward to finally really talking with him though, we haven’t really gotten much chance to do that and I think we need to.



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