Corporate Woman

Field Notes 24 - BT

  • Red and I went to find Stasia, the mage whip for Flint, she was right where we thought she’d be…a bar
  • we went in and found her pretty quick, things seemed to go pretty well until we realized while I’d gotten Stasia a drink she’d mind jobed Red to tell her the whole truth…which, kinda pissed about, but that said Stasia actually seemed ok with the whole thing…sooo, maybe a good thing? We were on the way to take Stasia back to Detroit with us and she started to use a spell on herself…Red wasn’t on board with it and countered the spell, which pissed Stasia the hell off…sigh. It ended up in a fight with zombies while Stasia tried to escape. Red was able to block the escape and I took care of the zombies for the most part. I somehow managed to talk Stasia down…maybe drugged up people understand me? That’s not encouraging. Regardless, it seemed to work and she decided to come back to Detroit with us…again. The brothers stayed behind for us to help watch out for Hollis until Bedlam opens, guess it would have looked suspicious for Hollis to just follow us back to Detroit. Not sure I agree with that, but all the same, better safe than sorry….pretty sure that’s the first time that phrase has left my mouth….
  • Harrison was also kind enough to teach Trystan how to train non-wolves on certain wolf abilities…which should be damn useful with the pack that we have, pretty stoked about this actually. And before we left for Detroit Conor kinda dropped a bomb on me…turns out he visits another dimension where he and are are human and together, and have a ranch. That’s simultaneous sweet and kinda fucking devastating. I can’t change what’s happened, I can’t change the way my heart feels about Trystan, fuck, I can’t even say the words he probably needs to hear out loud…but I can buy a goddamn ranch and name that piece of land Hollis Hills.
  • talking with Stasia on the way back to Detroit in the squirrel she gave us some intel on the Prisci, which, damn thankful for as it’s more info than we had before. Not sure if the brothers held out on us or just didn’t know this shit? Or maybe we just didn’t ask so they didn’t tell. Although, that is sure as hell NOT the attitude I’d expect from pack mates…even if they are temporary mates.
  • I had Prescott coordinate buying the ranch for me, had Lydia bamf me over so I could change the sign “Hollis Hills”, told the guy living there he could stay as long as he kept the place up for me and was scarse when I wanted to visit, sent Conor a text with a picture of the ranch “hey, bought this, thought we could go sometime”. He immediately called me and wanted to visit…guess it was a good idea? Red was cool about me ditching her for a bit and Conor and I went to the ranch…Conor was…a bit more, … intense, than he used to be…thinking the Nos thing is the reason, but it still didn’t scare me like it would have even a couple years ago. I was never able to let him have control of the whole intimate thing before , but even though he was more aggressive, more rough, I wasn’t freaked out. I’m not sure if it’s because Trystan kinda helped heal that or if it’s because I’m just different now…did the suits change that? Honestly, I don’t even care which, I’m just glad that fear is gone. Maybe that’s why I care so much about Trystan too? Despite having talked to both boys about the whole situation I can’t help but feel like it’s too good to last and gonna blow up in my face.



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