Corporate Woman

Field Notes 23 - BT

  • Red and I went to chat with Conor, and honestly I forgot what about, Lucy was there…and my brain just went to “oh shit tell him about the club before she does”…pretty sure he already knew though…he had that disappointed and slightly pissed look, fuck, but we talked a bit and he seems to be ok with it, or he’s just a baller liar…which is possible, but annoying if he’s lying to me. Conor plans on taking care of Lucy’s tattoos and that reminded me I had wanted to get some…I mentioned it and Conor didn’t say anything or offer so I’m guessing that’s a no go area for whatever reason. That’s fine I’ll have Jean take care of it, maybe it’s better if pack handles it anyway.
  • Between Gabe and I we finally convinced Mac she needs some ghouls of her own so she can have some folks to divvy stuff too. Plus, it just feels better to have some control of a dominion separate from the pack and from the Corporation…and with her and Ben, I’m not 100% sure what’s going on there, but seems like she could use some control on something, I know I did, so hopefully it will help her too. She had Prescott look up some good candidates and we tracked down a security firm. Red ghouled Killian and Shaw and I took Silvain. Turns out the firm knows Gabe—whelp, no one can say that Prescott isn’t good. Gabe put his stamp of approval on the new boys so now I’m even more inclined to trust that they’ll have our back. Prescott needs a raise.
  • we put the new ghouls to work in the bedlam building for the club opening, I gave mine specific instructions to keep careful watch on Lucy. I know Conor has taken measures to make sure she’s protected, but I just can’t leave it alone. Red and I also chatted with David, asked him to be our Master of Elysium for Bedlam since he basically is already…we were just making if official. He was pleased, but I could tell he was also kinda thinking “about goddam time”. Cut us some slack guy we’re fucking newbs…not that he knows that.
  • After getting some of Detroit shit sorted out for the club opening Red and I headed to Flint, we chatted with their Court and proposed combining the courts so they’d have a bigger stake…fucking glad Conor and Atticus pushed us towards that…it pretty much immediately turned the tides. Yeah they’re leery of us, but at least they’re willing to play ball now. Jesus I’m glad we have a diverse pack…Noah was right, this shit is easier when the different supers work together…seriously. Conor announced to the Flint court that he was taking Primogen for the Nos…he’s told Red earlier that he wanted to be more involved in the shit I care about, what’s important to me. Honestly, that kinda surprised me…I wasn’t really sure where we’d left things, our communication style isn’t exactly clear…but that…that tells me he’s trying for this to work, trying to have this be a long haul kinda thing. We invited the Flint court to the Bedlam opening…they seemed eager, a bit too eager so that worries me, but thankfully it will be on our own turf so that’s something at least.
  • I can already tell who I’m gonna like in Flint and who I’m not. Linc, the Mehket, had our back…flat lied to the court about the brother’s involvement. That bought him mad respect from me and I’ll make sure to remember it should he need anything in return. Artemus, the Daeva, …bit of a dick….tried to set up the Flint Sheriff Hollis for Seneschal which would have implicated him for killing the Prince. Not a good move on Artemus’ part…I like Hollis, he’s actually an honorable guy and I’ll kill on his behalf…so yeah, not the best play Artemus could have made. But sure little Daeva, you want to do politics…I’ve got just the outfit for that.
  • learned some interesting shit while we were out with Conor going to and from Flint…turns out we’re descendants of Shadow…which is fucking scary, but explains a lot. Shadow also sired Red’s father after he was already dead, which…well, turned her old man into a Revenant…if it was Gabe…I’m not sure if I’d be pissed or glad he did it…yeah I am, Gabe in any form is better than no Gabe. We’ll just have to figure out how to help the old man keep or get back his sanity. Honestly, let’s be real…not gonna be the hardest thing on our to-do list. Also learned that Conor can pull the scary mutherfucker off just as well as the Prince, he just hides it from us. Not happy about being afraid of him…reminds me too much of my old man…and I never want to associate the two of them…ever. Got to figure something out there, magic item or tattoo…whatever it may be, need to head to the market for this asap. I still have that artifact that Jean made so at least I got something to trade for at the market to try and find a way around this.



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