Corporate Woman

Field Notes 21 - BT

  • Red and I approached the tower to see if we could help Raziel’s buddies, several shadow things were out front and attacked us, thankfully we had our …shit, disattached souls? not sure how else to put it, there to help us…I can’t really hit for shit with my assassin suit, but with the vamp armor I could take a punch and courtesy of my wolf and geist it was only a matter of time before the shadows were taken care of. Red put hers down a bit faster, but at the cost of her wolf, who was knocked out. Thankfully no one took permanent or serious damage and we made our way into the tower
  • and we climbed and climbed and fucking climbed for hours….seriously, fuck that…almost went back down thinking that magic had gotten us stuck somehow, but we finally came to a clock thing with a suspended bridge running across in front of it…fuck me…someone’s gonna fall off that bridge, there was also name written all over. Red and I tried everything we could think of to write our names in the stone…because seriously it’s a tower with names, even if it’s just grafitti still gonna put our names there just in fucking case
  • Red and I investigated and started to cross the bridge when a huge scary fuck showed up on the side we had just come from…taunting us…not sure if he intended to bust down the bridge with the huge ass hammer of his, but he pointed it at us in challenge…well, at least he’s going to be civil about it
  • shit was weird during the fight and I could see name written all over the stone golem guy, no clue what it meant, I disarmed him a couple times and he didn’t fight back too much…just taunted us by saying he was going to kill us….and after one hit…yeah, he’s not fucking lying. Red started trying to talk to him, seemed more like she was talking to herself and then he just smashed her into red pudding with his hammer….well, real glad we sent the letters…I commented on what a chicken shit he was to not fight without a weapon just hand to hand and he dropped his hammer and walked up to me. I got one punch in, literally broke every bone in my hand and a couple in my arm before he crushed by nose and skull with his fist. Thankfully the blow was quick enough all I remember was my vision fading to black and a sense of pressure.
  • and then…then I woke up in my fucking bed. I scream for Gabe and shoot out of my room to figure out what the fuck is going on. Red’s hollering to and I know it’s not a coincidence that we’re both pitching a fit…clearly we’ve had the same “dream” and shit isn’t right. We get Prescott and the pack around and tell them what happened. Prescott suggests that we confirm if this actually happened and King speaks up and says he actually knows who Yaksha is…so we track her down and do what we do…which is recruit people who are way more powerful and badass than us and could probably be joining to just cause shit, but hey, why stop now…so Yaksha is part of the group. And, she’s actually kinda nice so here’s hoping she isn’t a spy/traitor/member of the Pure/etc/etc.
  • Red and I intercepted the letters we gave Yaksha, she had to rewrite them because turns out we were legit in a “dream”, the team thinks we were being called by a tower, but failed the test…I guess that makes sense…except it sure as fuck didn’t feel like a test…some guy threatens me with a hammer…just one thing to do.
  • Red and I chatted briefly with Armanstead and Constantine for our “review”…which at this point I think is just fucking insulting. I mean seriously we’ve given 100% to this group…it’s not an “organization” anymore, it’s our lives and to be evaluated like kindergardeners with finger paintings…well, it really pissed me off. To top it off they were trying to split up the pack for efficiency….yeah, I get you, but this isn’t just about increasing productivity and getting the most bang for the corporation’s investment, this is literally our lives now. This pack is our family, this corporation is our home…and quite frankly fucking with it pissed me off…a lot. Needless to say we pushed back enough that Constantine just gave up, smart man. I made a smart comment about them being nothing but an empty building and Constantine actually stayed with Red and I to chill a minute. Had a drink and talked. I’m impressed he listened instead of pop me one over my comment. He also told Red and I why the Corporation and it’s mission was so important to Armanstead….and fuck me, I understand that demon bastard just a bit more and gotta say…I didn’t give him enough credit. Not that I’m going to admit that shit to his face, like ever.



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