Corporate Woman

Field Notes 20 - BT

  • Red and I talked more with the Assassin cell, they’re clearly good people…I’ve been thinking that #1 making a deal at the market is gonna cost us big time and #2 we’re gonna end up pissing them off…a lot…by side blinding them and manipulating them like the godmachine. I mean shit, if we forge their transfer we’re no better than the godmachine. I kinda want to take the honest approach to this shit even if it’s more risky. Even if they decide to tell us to go fuck ourselves maybe they’ll at least like us enough to leave town…you know, each go their own way. Gabe seemed on board with the plan, but quite frankly I think it’s just because he’s impatient as fuck and didn’t want to wait for the market. Red was also on board so Gabe coordinated with Havoc and the Pack to chat with the group.
  • I switched suits to the vamp suit on the way there while Red drove us to our “neutral meeting area” so they could see that the extremes can work together…we’ll have Trystan there.
  • Things seemed to go pretty well? Either that or their poker faces are top fucking notch. The assassins all seemed to process all that we had to say really well and left so they could talk things over as a group. So it either went really well…or really bad. Not sure yet.
  • Red and I went back to the Corporation to talk to Conor…we need to check on the Gangrel in the Colesseum cell and ask if he’s blood bound to the Prince if he’s safe….riding the elevator up to Conor’s floor was…weird and when we got to his office there was some langalier shit going on…literally no one was in our building….needless to say although it was weird Red and I were kids in a candy store and went and touched all the things the grown ups told us not to…but we quickly realized something was fucked up and went looking for answers as we’re back in our human suits and can’t change back…not cool
  • browsing the streets of Detroit it looks like the humans are all still here, but no supers that we can find…although it is the day…we did see one super, a chick…hunting a shadow thing…weird shit = home, so Red and I went and talked with her. She was…uhhh, interesting, and seemed like she was maybe the original of something, beast maybe? She told us her name was Yaksha and offered to help us research what was going on. Yaksha took us back to her place, she’s got a city that’s literally a library..ohhhh if Noah could see…and discovered that we were “stuck” somehow between worlds. She could tell we were being pulled into the Aether but didn’t quite make it, due to some magic, goddamn magic, she can’t open the door back to our own world, instead she can only open the door to the place we were going…the Aether. Well, guess forward is better than nothing as we’d be stuck here in the “in between” permanently which isn’t gonna happen so Red and I said why the hell not and opted to head to the Aether. And as this is likely going to be a one way trip Yaksha agreed to take messages and our things back to the Corporate building for us. I wrote Gabe, Conor and Trystan a note and tucked that in with my stuff. I put Trystan’s inside the sheath of his knife and wrapped Gabe’s and Conor’s with their dog tags. Not sure if this is “it” or not, but I can’t let them think they were less important to me than they are if something happens…they deserve better than that
  • once we crossed over the door that Yaksha opened we were dumped in front of a castle thing and got jumped by one of the shade things that we saw Yaksha fight…thankfully our kicks and punches still seemed to hurt the bastard even though we’re human and we were able to take it down after a couple good hits…not that the fucker didn’t get in a few good licks of his own…don’t think my ribs have hurt this bad this long in awhile…being human is bullshit, I seriously miss my fucking wolf suit
  • Red and I made our way into the creepy, but also kinda pretty, castle thing to look around. There was an angel thing (or super of some kind) chained up, we unchained him and asked some questions. His name is Raziel…no relation to the Bible, and asked us to help him retake his city. Hopefully us doing this will mean these guys can help us get home, but regardless the shades are dicks so we’re gonna help out. Raziel did some crazy magic and pulled our souls out of the ribs and made them tangible…actually pulled a wolf out and pulled our assassin forms into weapons…even pulled our Geist out too. Not really sure how I feel about getting my souls pulled out, but at least now we’re more combat ready so I’m not gonna complain. Raziel lets us know where his buddies are being kept prisoner and Red and I start to make our way there.

Note to Gabe:
      Whelp…in over my head just a bit…my bad. Pretty good chance I’m not coming back from this one, so want you to know that no one could ask for a better brother. You were and always will be the single most important person in my life. You kept me sane, protected me…made me whole. You were the reason I knew how good family could be. I love you.
Ashes to ashes.
Note to Conor:
      You know I can’t do this shit very well, but I may not come back so I’ll try.
I get that whatever happened during the 37 year thing changed everything and I don’t know what went down, but I’m sorry for whatever pain it caused you. You’re blood, and I’d never intentionally hurt you. I know I fucked pretty much everything up, but I was pretty fucked up at the time. Not an excuse, just want you to know that it had nothing to do with you, you were great…I was just messed up in the head and heart for awhile after high school. I get that I missed my chance and I’m not gonna hold it against you…it’s not gonna be weird, and we don’t have to talk about it…but you deserve to know. Anyone would be lucky to have you, I was lucky to have you…I was just too messed up to realize at the time that I loved you, still do. Sorry for making shit so difficult.
Note to Trystan:
      If I don’t make it back I wanted to thank you, you were a rock when I needed one.
I’m thankful we found you, thankful you’re pack. I haven’t felt safe with many people in my life, but I’ve felt safe with you…felt secure, accepted, cared for. I haven’t known you very long, but I know enough to know I love you.



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