Corporate Woman

Field Notes 18 - BT

  • after talking with Gabe we realized we’re probably gonna have to let the Assassins go through at least the scouting work on their current orders…Gabe says they’re going to get really pissed/bent up if they don’t, and that’s the last thing we need…more pissed off people in our group. So Red and I went back to the church and told them we were leading their scouting mission to determine if it was legit or “if their angel had bad information because it was haywire”…thankfully they believed us
  • we chatted with the Assassins and decided staking out a locale near the area of their target was too obvious and we’d have to have a reason to be so close to the building where the vamp is at…I figure a local performance would work fine and be some good cover so I go and find a violin street performer…I can see right away this guy’s a changeling and honestly …kinda perfect, we can start pushing the Assassin’s boundaries right now and I might get another bad ass ghoul, or at least an act for the club…also doesn’t hurt that he is very nice to look at. Surprisingly the Assassins take it well and decide it’s the perfect cover, they don’t seem too put off around the Changeling and aren’t hostel towards me for doing it, which is good…I was prepped to take the blame/feign stupidity if they went postal, but their first little push into multi-super relations went well
  • we did our little recon work and turns out the target is the Prince of a city called Flint, second largest city in Michigan…we’re close enough to hear the Sheriff ask the Prince’s personal bouncers about the Seneschal’s murder…and as soon as he describes it, well…regardless of if this Prince is the Assassin’s target or not she’s on our list now because our Prince just tagged her first in command and let’s be real, that’s pretty much a to-do list from Prince Scary…so bad vamp or not she’s getting crossed off, on the up side, she does actually appear to be a total and complete fucking bitch so at least I’m not going to feel bad about offing her
  • after the Sheriff Hottie left, the bodyguard boys spotted Red and I, the others retreated into the coffee shop we were hold up at and the boys sat at our table for a chat, not much happened as neither set of us was willing to tip our hand…they gave us their business card and went about their merry little way….the Sheriff at that point became visible, he’s apparently a bad ass at obfuscate…good to know….and questioned us. Thankfully, the assassin suit I had on can dig up some pretty fucking useful intel and we were able to finagle our way into the Sheriff looking the other way about us going to murder the Flint Prince…fuck, we even got the guy to agree to be our Sheriff once we take the town over…I mean…come on, that’s pretty smooth…this might be one of my favorite things to wear….
  • the Sheriff gave us some pretty fucking great intel and now it’s looking like our chances of actually being able to get this done are up…thank fucking god, because honestly, the idea of jacking this up and pissing off the Invisible Prince actually kinda scares me…I’m still not sure what that man is capable of and honestly I don’t want to find out, thankfully Conor bridged that gap for us and now that terrifying shit sees us as family…which depending on how you see things could be worse or better
  • Red and I chatted with the Flint royal guard brothers, Monte and Harrison, and thanks to some advise from the Sheriff laid it on the line to the boys, showed them I was a wolf and told them what Detroit was about, told them about the rite to pack up with them and Harrison was 100% on board, which of course meant his brother was too, we’ve got our plan sorted out, gonna have Gabe and the other Assassins take care of the Nos hound and her feral bitches, while the brothers and Red and I take care of the Prince



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