Corporate Woman

Field Notes 17 - BT

  • Red and I finished making plans for the Assassin job…not really sure this is all gonna work, but we’re gonna give it a go. Gonna try to turn them to our cause and shift their loyalty to the Corporation…we’re gonna have to rely on Isaiah a lot on this one and I’m not really sure how that’s gonna go, only one way to find out though
  • after talking about the assassin job we talked a bit about the city and realized we don’t have enough security and probably didn’t do a great job vetting out the girl band we hired on, Gabe offered to secure us security forces for the Colosseum and the Bedlam building and Jean is going to make some artifacts that will allow the human patrol to be an “alert system” and Lydia is making weaponry for the group, maybe helping with the alert artifacts too
  • we had a few hours before the assassin mission so we decided we’d snag some candidates to be blood dolls for the club opening which is occurring in one week, we rounded up 36 humans for the task in just the couple hours we had…and honestly I’m fucking impressed with us for that. I also snagged a dude to be my ghoul…with all that’s going on I just feel like I need someone who has my back for the soul reason of having my back…I sniffed out a wolf-blood named Alaric who seems like a bad ass and offered him the job…course I didn’t realize he was wolf-blood until after he was already in too deep and now it turns out that his full moon daddy might be a bit pissed at me…meh, maybe I can ghoul his ass too…or fuck it, I’ll full moon up, beat his ass to be his alpha and then ghoul his ass…yep, solid plan. Jean and Gabe are helping me out by hooking Alaric up with magic tattoos and some sweet assassin training so that should help Alaric be even better than a standard Ghoul, which I’m pretty pleased about
  • after the sun came up, Red, Gabe, Tristan and myself went after the assassin group, on the ride there Red mentioned she was sorry for being heavy handed with the whole alpha thing and was gonna make an effort to make sure it was a co-alpha thing more…not sure why she brought it up in front of my two biggest (and probably only if we’re honest) supporters in the pack…maybe she was trying to “meet me on my own turf” or some shit? I don’t know. Hell, it was her idea that those two go on the mission in the first place…not that I’m complaining, no one else I trust at my back more than those two…and Conor of course, but it isn’t like he and I really see each other anymore, let alone work together. Regardless, during the whole planning for the city and the assassin mission I played soldier role “Red what’s your thought” “what are we gonna do” etc etc and honestly it worked out better…smoother than it’s been in the past…maybe it’s because of her old man, but she can’t co alpha, just not in her…she takes any disagreement too personal and that’s just bad for the group. But me, fuck, that’s one of my best features…turning the emotion off, compartmentalizing… I do fine in the soldier role and if I have to take the antlers during combat, since I’m the seasoned fighter, to save someone’s ass then I will, but she can hold her own in a fight, seen that first hand and me just letting her call the shots is the best solution for right now.
  • Evelyn took scout duty for us on the assassin mission and we swooped in when the assassins were gone on a mission, we took down the angel fuck, but not before that bastard gave us a parting shot….by going nuclear christmas tree on us and turning us into assassins…jokes on you motherfucker…our loyalty’s already in stone and all you did was increase my wardrobe option…fucking god machine. Course the assassins felt it when their angel went toast so they hurried home and we got caught with our pants down, but Isaiah and Gabe pulled it in for the win, lying through their teeth in some suave ass motherfucking ruse about us taking down their angel because it was corrupt and Isaiah playing their “replacement reporting angel” or some shit…and every single one of them bought it. We even got invited to dinner…wut…. which honestly wished hadn’t have happened…I liked them, gonna make it hard to rip’m apart if we have to. Hopefully Isaiah can keep them distracted while we head back to the pack and try to figure out how to get their “official reassignment” papers forged or figure out another way to loyal them up to us.



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