Corporate Woman

Field Notes 11 - BT

  • during my diner with Conor he announced he was “leaving” on a mission he quote “had to go on” and didn’t want to talk about it, he said part of it he couldn’t talk about because of the contract he signed with Armenstead…yeah, not sure I believe Armenstead was the one who put the “let’s not tell people about this” clause in there buddy, but you do you and if you don’t want to tell me that’s fine…I get it…you had a life after I left, did I ever say you shouldn’t have? NO. But don’t make me feel guilty for shit that I couldn’t deal with or be a part of yet, I mean for godsake I’d just gotten out of the army, I’d never been on my own and I just needed to find…to find myself…where no big brother or older (and pretty hot) friend could be my fallback. I needed the chance to fuck up, the chance to fail, the chance to be under my own rule and my own power for awhile. Can’t blame him for not understanding that considering I didn’t even fucking know that’s what I was doing until pretty damn recently
  • dinner with Conor was interrupted by Hale who announced we were going back to the Corporation for a job…ugh. Fine. Prince showed up and creepily used my voice to dominate and order Hale away telling him we’d be there on our own. After which Prince got some peaces of info out of Conor…not sure if I’m happy he did that or not, and not sure if he was trying to make me happy by doing it? I seriously cannot figure this creepy bastard out. Regardless, apparently Conor is going to the shadow realm for some errand that the Prince found out about but didn’t say out loud (dick), and the Prince made sure to point out that Conor isn’t going to come back alive…great, thanks for that….and how the fuck do you know? you gonna make sure that prophecy comes true? but Creepy Prince of McCreepson offered to go with Conor and keep him safe, Prince made sure to tell me not to tell anyone he was leaving the city, he left his “shadow” in his place and said that would be more than enough….fuck me, I sure fucking hope so or I’m going to have like 20 really really powerful and really pissed off people on my back for letting this happen…god. damn. it.
  • after getting back to the Corporation we were told there was a level 6 event and we have to get gone really quick, briefing would be en route, yeah fine….and I’m sorry, is that some sort of jet-rocket you want me to fly there? YES PLEASE. Well at least if I was going to sell my soul I get to fly shit like this…seriously….I was in space….that’s the real take-away from this. I WAS FUCKING IN SPACE MR. FUCKING ARMSTRONG. GO EAT IT.
  • as a side note there was an archangel sent to stop a nuclear thing from killing billions, but mr. angel needed to kill 100 or so people to make that happen, dick move bro when we can stop the nuclear bullshit thing with ZERO innocent Aztec sacrifices…I mean what the fuck….yeah, reconsidering being Jewish
  • anyway, we got our asses handed to us, like seriously handed to us, I was about to lose my shit with how many of my pack were dropping, but then another angel starting fighting the one we were sent for….like some power ranger monster battle (which was actually kinda fucking awesome), turns out the other angel of doom is Maelstroms goddamn totem…FINE, JUST BE THAT AWESOME SEE IF I CARE…but fuck me I do kinda care…now we’re gonna have to find a way to step our game the fuck up
  • while all this was going down a smaller angel possessed Gabe and made him hold himself hostage to try and stop the fighting, that 100% solidified it for me…fuck the god machine. I’m done with them. You threatened Gabe’s life, get fucked.
  • Lydia healed up my other pack mates that got hurt and then managed to knock Gabe out so the angel couldn’t possess him, and Jean made sure he was clean
  • returned to the Corporation after that and we had some drinks and a smoke before calling it in
  • finding I’m feeling a little more drawn away from the group than previously, because of the suit? not having the wolf suit means I’m not as, I don’t know, “pack” oriented? or am I just kinda getting sick of some of the drama? I’m not really sure, I mean I do like these people, so maybe it’s just the suit, guess I’ll know more when we change suits, WHICH ACCORDING TO NOAH’S RUDE ASS TEXT APPARENTLY HAS TO FUCKING HAPPEN IN TWO FUCKING HOURS
  • jesus…..that man doesn’t know how to wait, which yeah fine I get it, you’re a busy world changing mage, but for fucks sake, let me have a couple days to get my shit in order, you did give Red and I the task of putting a city back together, which is a full time job unto itself let alone the other shit we’re dealing with…what happens to your suit when we bust at the seems?
  • chatted with Noah, guess we’re going to try on our Vamp suits, which means we actually have to die this time…reallllly hoping that I’m gonna wake up this go considering I kinda might have pissed Noah off a lot…I was just speaking my mind though, can’t get in trouble for that right? I mean I guess I have in the past, just kinda thought Noah and I were on honest and forthcoming terms, not really sure now though as he is still obviously holding intel away from us. He used the excuse that we aren’t 100% involved with the corporation and until we are “lifers” then he can’t tell us any more than he already has…..I called bullshit and he did divulge that he wants humans to have the chance to ALL be supers if they want so they can oppose the machine. I know a lot of dick humans…like, come to think of it, I know more dick humans than I do supers….wayyyyyyy more. And I don’t want a single one of those bastards getting powers….is there a selection process? cause that shit needs to be regulated. i’m not sure Noah feels that way and that scares the fuck outta me. I told him as much and he hawk eyed me while filling the bacta tank thing up…thanks, now I’m wondering if I’m gonna wake up….sigh, way to make a girl feel comfortable while she’s naked…dick



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